Every month

Every month I'll post a new "taste" of Art Pepper's music as a FREE DOWNLOAD. These tastes are given away because they are "unreleasable" by virtue of the recording being cut off at beginning or end or by brief audio problems that occurred in the recording process.


I'll also post occasional journal entries including updates on new releases.

Monday, February 18, 2013

MUSIC: February Freebie: Just a few hoops to jump thru to get it

Pay nothing, zero, zilch, just put a zero in the "amount" box.  (Or, if you want to keep those Unreleased Art CDs coming from Widow's Taste, support the label by donating any amount at all.)

 Click below the photo to get to the music: previously unreleased, absolutely gorgeous 
and just a smidge incomplete.
 Live.  Patricia.

There's something new happening.  I've finally completed my memoir of my life with Art and I'm looking for an actual book publisher, but my favorite plan is to publish it as an ebook with a zillion photos, music tracks, Art's voice actually describing some events, documents, etc.

So meanwhile, I'm accumulating photos, etc. and putting them up on a separate site.  You can explore them, and you can also hear AND download free music from that site.

The freebie this month is yet another terrific (unfortunately incomplete) performance.  But I wouldn't be giving it away if it was releasable!

This time it's the intro & opening melody statement that's missing, but all the rest (about 15 minutes' worth of music) is here and it's beautiful.  The tune is Art's Patricia recorded in Okayama Japan on November 14, 1981 with George Cables, David Williams, and Carl Burnett.  The audio quality is not great, because Wayne Peet has not worked his magic on this one, but you can download it as flac or aiff or any other format and keep it and play it and so on.