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Every month I'll post a new "taste" of Art Pepper's music as a FREE DOWNLOAD. These tastes are given away because they are "unreleasable" by virtue of the recording being cut off at beginning or end or by brief audio problems that occurred in the recording process.


I'll also post occasional journal entries including updates on new releases.

Friday, December 30, 2011

MUSIC: First Taste for 2012

As a New Year's gift, I'm offering a FREE download of my favorite version of Art's beautiful ballad, "Lost Life."

Click HERE and then 1. right click on "Lost Life"  and then 2. select "download link."  It's yours to keep.  It's been released on various foreign labels and on disc 3 of the 3 disc set, "The Art History Project."   It was recorded at Bach Dynamite & Dancing in 1977 and features Art Pepper, Smith Dobson (p), Jim Nichols (b), and Brad Billhorn (ds) Enjoy it.  

PLUS Click HERE for a free listen.  "Angel Eyes," 1979, Art Pepper, the very great Russ Freeman, Bob Magnusson, Carl Burnett, recorded by the Japanese label, Atlas, at Sage & Sound Studios in Hollywood.*  Join my jumbo mailing list to stay informed of new music posts:   Subscribe (I don't share or sell my list)

(below, Art Pepper @Bach Dynamite & Dancing.)

* here's a question for the fans as well.  The "Angel Eyes" track has appeared on certain Japanese releases and also in the boxed set licensed to Fantasy Records/Concord.  I'm thinking of making all five discs available as per-disc downloads from CD Baby along with PDF of liner notes and photos.  I'd also make it possible to download each disc as flac files (from my own website).  These tracks feature Art in a variety of settings:  with Sonny Stitt, Lee Konitz, Jack Sheldon, Bob Cooper, Bill Watrous, Pete Jolly, Mike Lang, Milcho Leviev, Russ Freeman, Lou Levy, Monty Budwig, Bob Magnusson, John Heard, Tony Dumas, Chuck Domanico, Shelly Manne, Roy McCurdy, Carl Burnett, John Dentz.  They are studio recordings of excellent quality.  If I were to do this, I wouldn't be able to put out the next "Unreleased Art Pepper" until October or even November of 2012.
So, friends, would you be interested in purchasing some or all of this material at the reasonable rates I've tried to become famous for?  The poll is above right.


  1. Hi Laurie, good thing to set up a blog! I have the complete Atlas box set already but please let the good things come!
    Lexman (France)

  2. BTW, a great picture of Art, would have been great if it was included in the Storyville release of Bach Dynamite.

  3. I think the set you are referring to is the Hollywood All-Star Sessions? I have a copy on galaxy, it's very good music. I think it would be good to re-release them if they are not still available out there. I, myself, would like more unreleased stuff. Your series of releases is superb, I am so enjoying the different live shows you have released. If you keep'em comin' I'll keep buying them. The complete Blues For the Fisherman was amazing. thank you.

  4. These are some of my favorites. I have all five in my Library. Thank you so much for the download of Lost Life. It is, as you say, very special. I look forward to hearing more on this BLOG. Happy New Year, Laurie, and all good things.

  5. Hi Laurie! Good idea to start a blog. I already have the Hollywood All Star Sessions boxset so my preference goes obviously for new unreleased material. But since it is out of print, I understand your energy goes to make it available again! Happy new year! Olivier

  6. Hi Laurie, obviously unreleased Art is always most tempting. Having said that, as I´ve been always tentative about some of Art`s Atlas sessions, "Angle Eyes" is truly wonderfull (also because of Russ Freeman), so a single release of the Bill Watrous date or at least a quality download would be great.
    Happy new year, Emil
    P.S Are thre any known concert recordings with Art&Russ freeman from the late 70s/early ´80s ??

  7. Ah, well. The consensus so far seems to be for a new live concert, previously unreleased so that's probably what I need to gear up for.

    soulpope, there are no Russ Freeman dates except the one called Among Friends, which, as a matter of fact, pays me nothing and is a ripoff, so maybe I'll just upload it as I did the Jazz Showcase ripoff, and charge $4.75 for the whole thing. What a great idea! Thanks! Art and Russ always made beautiful music together.