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Every month I'll post a new "taste" of Art Pepper's music as a FREE DOWNLOAD. These tastes are given away because they are "unreleasable" by virtue of the recording being cut off at beginning or end or by brief audio problems that occurred in the recording process.


I'll also post occasional journal entries including updates on new releases.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Cruel April and Merry May have passed with NO FREEBIES! But take heart!

Because it's June, June, June! 
And it's bustin' out all over,
And to celebrate the summer,
Here's a FREEBIE!
Here's a TUNE!

This is the latest FREEBIE. A Blue Mitchell composition, another riff on I Got Rhythm.  
Art Pepper and Blue Mitchell worked together a LOT during the mid seventies. Jack Sheldon brought them together by hiring both to accompany him during a regular summer gig in Monterey—While Jack sang, told jokes. Usually Dolo Coker played piano at that gig. Those were lovely sets. BUT this is not from those sessions. I really don't know where these tracks are from (and yes, there are MORE). I've perused the old calendars and I've found no info. 
MEANWHILE: A new album, a stunning, energetic, unusual 3 disc set, will be released by Widow's Taste in November. If you haven't supported The Cause lately, please do donate? To help finance manufacture of said set? If you recently have dropped some cash in the hat, or if you can't, of course this track is FREE FREE FREE. At least for a while.

AND MEANWHILE, (while you're on the bandcamp site), there's a two disc set is available for download for $7.00 at 


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