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Every month I'll post a new "taste" of Art Pepper's music as a FREE DOWNLOAD. These tastes are given away because they are "unreleasable" by virtue of the recording being cut off at beginning or end or by brief audio problems that occurred in the recording process.


I'll also post occasional journal entries including updates on new releases.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

MUSIC: Free AND For Sale in Response to Enthusiastic Reception of....

...the April Freebie, of Art & Warne et al playing I'll Remember April: I've negotiated with K.C. Marsh, Warne Marsh's son, and Geraldyne Marsh, his widow, to release this excellent jam session recording of Art Pepper, Warne Marsh, Carol Kaye, Mike Lang, Tommy Vig, John Morrell, and the great Buddy Collette playing flute and clarinet.
Go to the bottom of this post to listen to and/or download the album.

As far as I know, anyway, this has never been released anywhere, ever.  The gig was set up by Dan McKenna, and the proceedings were recorded on the afternoon of April 20, 1975 at an L.A. club called The Foxy Lady.  It was recorded by somebody (McKenna?) on a reel-to-reel recorder and then copied to a couple of cassettes which were then sent to me.

I have no more info.

I'm still giving away the I'll Remember April track, but I'm selling the whole session, more than 2 hours of exceptional music, for $7.


Here's That Rainy Day is interrupted during Warne's solo, and then it's picked up again, still during the solo.  I've faded out and in.  I guess they had to change the reel.

Chameleon starts late.  Fade in.

Broadway ends during Mike Lang's solo, but the track is 24 minutes long!  Fade out.

This hasn't been remastered.  Can't afford it at these prices.
Speaking of which:  I'm dividing the take, such as it is, with the Marshes.  Please don't share the album.  $7 is CHEAP.

K.C. is making a documentary about his dad (https://www.facebook.com/AnImprovisedLife)

& I'm just beginning a kickstarter campaign to publish my memoir  about my life with Art.  I'll let you all know how to participate once I've gotten all the begging figured out.  It'll be available as a print book (softcover) and as an ebook.

Meanwhile, here's a draft of the book jacket:  Just a draft.  I'd love feedback.


  1. Laurie I bought the album Art and Warne. It is a great album. I recomment it to every Art and Warne fan! Thanks for releasing it.

  2. Laurie, This is such great playing. Art is so much freer when he stretches out and is not constrained by typical length of cut on commercial recordings. And I love the romping feel of this jam session...true jazz improvisation.

  3. Hey, "Ode to Billie Joe" is sooo funky!!! Great concert! Thank you very much for this release.

  4. Madame,

    I beg you : please suppress "junkie" in the title.

    Recevez, Madame, et en termes choisis, mes hommages respectueux.

  5. Hello Laurie and many compliments for your wonderful work. I tried to read the title without the word 'junkie' as suggested by Bhowani and definetely it is something else. Enphasis should be on the music even though drug problems were there, but Art is not loved and remembered for his addiction. Please, try yourself! By the way, his solo on 'Here's That Rainy Day' is more beautiful than any other version of the tune. This CD is a must!

  6. Hello, all. You wouldn't be here if you didn't love Art's music, and I do, I do understand that for YOU fans, the music is what matters, not Art's private life. But, see, my book is ABOUT Art's private life. (And so was the music!) It's not some Smithsonian appreciation or critique or jazz history except INCIDENTALLY. There are many great appreciations written about Art's work and career and focussing on those things. This book is only incidentally about those things and wholly about 'ART: Why I Stuck With a Junkie Jazzman.' The book is about A MARRIAGE, Art's to me and mine to him. It's not about jazz. It's about a relationship, and I think relationships are endlessly fascinating. Don't read it if you don't want to know the answer to Why I Stuck. And why I still do. I promise, I'll keep the music coming as long as I can.

  7. I really appreciate and enjoy the recordings you have been releasing. I wish you all the best in your endeavors.