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Every month I'll post a new "taste" of Art Pepper's music as a FREE DOWNLOAD. These tastes are given away because they are "unreleasable" by virtue of the recording being cut off at beginning or end or by brief audio problems that occurred in the recording process.


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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

MUSIC: A Few Days Late, No Dollars Short, 'Cause it's FREE!

Somehow June got away from me*.  But there will be TWO freebies this month.

This one is a mystery*.  It was broadcast on Japanese radio in another July — 1979, and at some time in the dim past a cassette of the broadcast was sent to me.  If you listen at the end of the track, it sounds as if the announcer is saying "Boston Cruise," but Art never played a cruise.  Was there a band with that name?

To the first 3 people who can figure out what, why, and where this took place and with whom Art was playing, I'll give a free copy of the next CD (to be released in November).  Thank the amazing Rocco who found this tape in one of many boxes of unlabeled, neglected tapes.

And you'll forgive me if I'm giving you yet another "April"
to remember. One of Art's favorite tunes.
Scroll down to the bottom of this post to access the music.

*June was busy because I'm prepping the new album for release AND I'm tidying up and selecting photos for the Memoir of my marriage, ART: Why I Stuck With a Junkie Jazzman. To see some of the latest photos I've chosen & to read a little of the accompanying text go to the gallery (which is getting bigger by the day.)

*Mystery Solved: By Claude Schlouch, HF Lawant, Marshall Zucker, Andre Florsch
Who, What, Where, When:  Tiger Okoshi (tp), Art Pepper (as), Gary Burton (vib), Kasumi Watanabe (g), Chip Jackson (b), Al Foster (dm), unknown (ann) Unknown location, Tokyo, Japan, July 22, 1979 
Careful 4:45
Art Pepper's interview 1:09
I'll remember April 6:35
interview of Art Pepper & Gary Burton 1:18
Note: Art Pepper does not play on Boston Cruise, Crystal Silence & Como en Vietnam from this session.

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  1. I'm beginning to think that maybe this is a radio station recording made in Tokyo when we went to Japan for the first time with Cal Tjader, Claire Fischer, Poncho Sanchez, etc.?

  2. I just listened with my good headphones; it does sound like it could be Cal Tjader on vibes, but since there's no keyboard and no Latin percussion, it's probably not that group. There is an electric guitar and an electric bass, plus the drums, but since they didn't solo, they're hard to identify. When did Art ever play with guitar, vibes and electric bass, except maybe as guests, or in a jam session? Puzzling.

    Jon Foley

  3. Dear Laurie:
    Thank you very much for the precious music you share, and in particular for this "April", there's never enough of it. I believe you're right, it sounds like the band recorded in "First Live in Japan":
    Art, Cal Tjader (vibraphone), Bob Redfield (guitar), Rob Fisher (bass), Peter Riso (drums) - though no piano, and no further percussion - April 5, 1977. Cheers from the Pampas, Frasco

  4. Two fans have replied that they believe it's Gary Burton, and they've named the rest of the band. One fan, who plays vibes, suggested Gary Burton. I have to ask them if it's okay for me to list their names, and then I'll post them. And of course they'll get free albums, as promised.

  5. Dear Laurie,
    Pretty sure it's not Gary Burton, but Cal Tjader.... according to Art's discography, as well as Burton's... as far as I know Art & Burton never played together, at least not that got recorded.
    Only vibists in Art's career, in chronological order:
    1 - Larry Bunker
    2 - Red Norvo
    3 - Victor Feldman
    4 - Cal Tjader
    And yes, of course you can mention my name if you like. Thanks for all your efforts and cheers from the Pampas, Frasco

    1. Thanks. It was the Gary Buton crew listed above. (Discographers don't know everything!) when this was suggested I suddenly remembered a session in a radio station in Japan & I remembered Arts comments about how much he liked Al Foster (which was why we hired him for a gig later at Far Tuesday in New York)